About Us


IPTV 30 is primarily a group of you. Within this group, 2 software developers, 4 server experts and 1 accountant in Europe, consisting of 7 friends in a jointly created and presented to you is a platform. Our aim is to provide self-praise for every seller in the market as an iptv user in our establishment, but in the event that we experience frustration in the results.

A vendor cannot give the A-B-C channels nice while others cannot, but in the other vendor, we are bored of the goings and we are looking for a solution to what we can do to find a solution. We have seen that doing this service by ourselves is a business that causes both overtime and spending a lot of money. Then we made the necessary negotiations and we prepared this platform for you.


We don't broadcast resources. In this sector, we do not have time or money to do it. Accordingly, we rent from selected publishers the best broadcasters in our research and use processes, and sell them in our own servers at affordable prices in the high number of viewers. Thus, 1 channel will cost less than 1 euro to the end user, which will cost 10 euros.


We have created our prices in order to offer you better numbers and get them from the version. Our goal is to win very low numbers (0.70 / 1 €) to win the release. In short, we want to sell to 500-1,000 people per month. Then we'il start making money.

REMEMBER; All the publications we have purchased are sold by the best publishers with 3% to 5% profit.