Guarantee & Return

We can also guarantee you that we have received from publishers that our publications will not be discontinued in active publications. In this way, within 48 hours from the time of purchase from you if the following conditions are not the case and if we really have problems with the issue we return the money you pay. Of course, except in some cases below.

  • Your internet speed is 16 mbit and below
  • You may experience problems with the device you are watching
  • If you haven't received the match day clock (please watch the match and give me my money back please do not be cunning)
  • Those who want to return the grief back to the trouble even though it is not an issue.
  • Violent / offensive dialogues.
  • Those who say they don't know if they bought the package after testing and didn't have this channel.

If you are not subject to the above-mentioned situations we are ready to give you your money. Our intention is to offer you the best in terms of the mistakes and experiences that we have experienced because we are engaged in this business as sincere and you as one of you.